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be a demoralizing evil that wealth should be obtained without industry. The

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quality of mind which you honor under the name of shrewdness, and which seldom hesitates to pr

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  • capital beco
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  • among the masses i
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ofit by the losses and even the miseries of others, would find life a burden o

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n account of the odium attached, in any community on our planet. The privilege to buil

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d up an individual fortune, by taking from the substance of the whole pe

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ople in any unlimited degree whi

ch an unscrupulous ingenuity can devise, is one of the peculiarities of your civilization. To this general license, with its very small limitation, is to be ascribe

d most of your social miseries. The lessons presented to your yout


h at the very first glance at

the affairs of life are calculated to impress them with the belief that success is not so much for the strong and considerate, as it is for the wary and cunning;[Pg 241] and

that the business of creating wealth is of the slightest


importance, when compar

ed with the many successful arts and schemes for capturing it after its production. The example is witnessed everywhere among you of money-making without loss of honor

or respect, by the method of drawing from others, by taking adva

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ntage of their necessities, excessive and unfair portions

  • to all the enterprises of labor. All our factor
    • ies are consequently carried on by c
    • o-operation. No such a thing is known on
    • our planet as the owner of a manufact
    • uring establishment depressing at his
    • will and pleasure th
    • e pay of perhaps a who
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  • le communi ty of working people. When an establishm
    • ent is required for the manufacture of
    • some product in demand, our workmen underta
    • ke it as a business belonging wholly t
    • o themselves, and there is never any l
    • ack of means among t
    • hem to do it. The u
    Best for: Small Businesses
  • tter helpless condition of your workmen, as a class, i
    • s not entirely owing to their enforced
    • scant share in the profits of industry. Who
    • ever among them, by greater abstinence
    • or otherwise, succeeds in saving any cons
    • iderable portion of
    • his earnings, hastens
    Best for: Resellers, Devs
  • either to change his situation for that of employer,
    • where self-interest inclines him to fav
    • or low wages, or to seek among the greater e
    • ncouragements outside a change of occu
    • pation. By this process capital and labor
    • are constantly being
    • divorced, and the ran
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of their substance for some sort of service rendered. The consequence is that life with you is constantly renewed, on the one hand, by persons with more or less inherited capital, who are educated to believe that existence is a

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game, whose winning instances are the best guides to follow; and o


n the other by the great mass of hereditary toilers who submit themselves as victims under sheer force of necessity and usage. This state of


your civilization brings into play many of your lower feelings, as indispensable instruments of success. When selfishness is


the chief promoter of thrift, practical charity is only aroused by unusual provocation. The miseries of existence are unseen and unfelt by others than the sufferers themselve


s among you, just as your senses become oblivious to the presence of disturbing influences which you find it unprofitable to suppress. The necessity for each one looking out for hi


mself[Pg 242] in your fierce battles of life makes him unmindful of others. Yet benevolence dwells within all


your hearts as a divine attribute, which cannot be wholly destroyed, no matter how neglected its cultivation. Like the retarded germination of seed in


a too deeply surmounting soil, it comes to the light among you here and there, under favorable conditions, with an increasing frequency which revea

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